Sunday, October 9, 2011

Level 256 VFX

Level 256 VFX is a modern digital artist collectively based in Los Angeles that specializes in all forms of visual effects and graphic work. What's interesting about Level 256 VFX is that their business is modeled after a co-op, so the company is owned and operated by a group of individuals, instead of just mainly one person. The advantage of being modeled after a co-op is that the company can take on many different projects, big or small, and work at a very fast pace. Over the past six years Level 256 VFX has worked with clients ranging from small budget documentaries to almost every major movie studio.

Level 256 VFX has done graphic and visual effect work on many recognizable movies. Some of the movies include Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, I Love You Man, Charlie St. Cloud, and much more. They also did the graphics for one of my all time favorite title sequences and movie Superbad.

What's cool about the Superbad title sequence is that Level 256, working with director Greg Motolla, conceptualized, shot and designed it from the ground up. Almost the first third of the sequence came from the original pitch that was done from a proof of concept.

Level 256 VFX has a really awesome reel but it does not give the code to embed it so here is the link: Level 256 VFX Reel .

Currently Level 256 VFX is working on a few different projects that include The Thing, 5 Year Engagement, Wanderlust, and they recently finished working on The Change-Up.

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