Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vimeo Find ("Revolution")

During my summer internship, one of the editors I was working with told me to take a look at the staff picks that show up on Vimeo. They find some pretty cool stuff and it gets updated pretty regularly, so if you're looking for inspiration or just videos or animations to watch, that's a good spot to look. I looked through a few pages and found a video called "Revolution" on one of the pages.

There really aren't many elements to it- just the video and the borders- but the three different filters and the change in size really makes it look cool. I like the theme he has going too, with the spinning carnival rides. It reminds me of this tilt-shift video that someone took of a carnival to advertise it- they had similar shots of the same kinds of rides, both during the day and at night, which looked great.
A lot of the other videos on the staff pick list are animations, so if you're interested in that, I recommend at least clicking through the first few pages to see what comes up.

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