Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harold and Kumar go to 3D

I have realized that there are movies out there that I can watch a million different times and always laugh and enjoy it. These movies are never necessarily considered good movies, but I can always watch them over and over because they do not require a lot of attention to get a laugh. I am referring to titles such as Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, and Anchorman.

Another movie trilogy is Harold and Kumar. The first one, to me, was very funny and the movie as a whole was at least worth watching and laughing too. The second one, like in many trilogies, was definitely worse to watch than the first one. In no way am I dedicating this post to how much I like these two movies, but more of how the creators are taking this money making idea to the next level.

3D is currently a very popular technology right now and taking a weak story line and adding 3D elements to it, can be an easy money making plan.

I never thought the directors were going to make a third Harold and Kumar because of how weak and terrible the second one was, but without seeing the third one yet I am betting that it will still do fine at the box offices, because the average consumer is a sucker for great motion graphics thrown into a weak story.

As much as I hate how much terrible movies make tons of money every year, I have to give them credit because the whole point is to spend the least amount of money to make these movies so the profit margin is high. I hope this one isn't worse than the second one.

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