Sunday, October 9, 2011

Creating a Green Screen Set-Up

I wanted to see what was out there in terms of green screen set-ups. I came across this video and the set up seemed relatively simple and at a pretty small cost for its functionality.
What sparked this interest was Arturo's comment about how student projects are always shot in dorms and its the same repetitive composition. We have all made them. This concept never came to mind and I wish this was introduced to me freshman year. It would have opened up the ability to shoot more original projects and be a factor that would have increased the complexity of any project. I'm not sure if ppecs has something you can check out to create a similar set-up. The portable green screen that folds up I believe is a valuable item if you are going to continue producing video compostions. The simplicity of utilizing a green screen is well worth it due to the additional aspects that can be incorporated into your project.
Other set ups that were suggested were using paint but this would require permeant set-up in a room. I'm interested in the green screen that Arturo spoke of that he helped create. It would be fun to create small shorts using the green screen.

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