Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fox Sports Graphics

I spend a lot of time on my weekends watching football games, and I began to think about the motion graphics used week in and week out by the major sports networks, in particular, Fox Sports. I discovered that Fox Sports has both a graphics and a design team, and that the graphics team was the one responsible for a majority of the graphics we have become accustomed to on Sundays, such as the basic wipes on the screen, as well as the jumping robot that shows up on the side of the screen quite often.

I was interested to find that the Fox Sports Graphics website actually had a link to the FOX NFL graphics used, and it showed the various wipes and interstitials and other graphics used. The website with all of this information can be found here.

I wasn't able to find substantial information on the Fox Sports Graphics team's software used, but the Fox Sports Design team's webpage states that it employs a number of designers, mostly those who specialize in Flame. Sports in particular have put a strong emphasis in their broadcasts on the use of motion graphics, and it can be seen more and more each year.

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