Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outstanding Achievement in Main Title and Graphic Design

After exploring the winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program last week I decided it would be interesting to look into other Emmy award categories related to graphics and animation. After searching through a list of the daytime Emmy Award winners I found a bunch of different categories related to animation but the one that caught my eye was the award for Outstanding Achievement in Main Title and Graphic Design.

I decided to look into this category more because it relates to our current project about graphics and opening title sequences. A bunch of people were posting about interesting opening title sequences so I figured why not follow with the theme and post the title sequence that won an award at the Emmys.

Anyway, this year’s winner was a PBS show called “Avec Eric”. It is a cooking show in which Chef and Co-owner of top NYC restaurant Le Bernardin gives the viewer an inside look at the lifestyle of a great chef while also teaching them how to make meals that “achieve four-star simplicity and elevate our own food experiences”. I looked up some of his recipes and they look pretty fancy and pretty delicious!

I had no idea what to expect when I looked up the winner in this category. I figured maybe it would be graphics from a news program or an intense drama. I definitely was not expecting a PBS news show. Below, I have posted a video that shows off the winning opening title sequence. I think it is a pretty interesting and creative opening and I can definitely see elements in it that could be created using After Effects. Maybe they actually used After Effects to create it-I’m not sure. Have a look yourself:

The creators of this sequence definitely deserve credit for their work so here is a list of the people credited with creating the opening titles as well as the producers of the show as listed on the Emmy’s website:

Nikelle Orellana, Graphic Artist

Kevin Lyons, Creative Director - Graphics

Justin V. Barocas, Executive Producer 

Eric Ripert, Co-Executive Producer/Creative Director

Andrew Loevenguth, Anomaly Producer/Titles and Graphics

Marco Spier, Co-Director for PSYOP Motion Graphics

Lutz Vogel, Co-Director for SPYOP Motion Graphics

Justin Booth-Clibborn, Executive Producer/Co-Director for PYSOP Motion Graphics

If you are interested in watching the show full episodes can be found on HULU.

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