Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Animated Cartoons

I'm surprised that I haven't seen a blog post about the animated cartoons that we all watched in the 90s. Even though the animation is nothing compared to something like Transformers, or Avatar, it's still important to me because of the nostalgic value it has. A few of my favorite cartoons were Hey Arnold and Rugrats.

Who didn't love the boy who had a football shaped head and wore a kilt every day? There are so many episodes I remember watching and I know exactly what happens. I don't remember when I decided to stop watching Hey Arnold. I don't remember when it was cancelled (I even remember being extremely excited about the movie).

Back in the 90s, they definitely did not have the resources or technology we have today, but they still managed to make a loving, and interesting characters with what they did have. They didn't need a team of people who were in charge of every single piece of hair on his head like Stuart Little, it was a much, much simpler time. There are still shows like Hey Arnold floating around on Cartoon Network, but they don't feature a football head shaped boy with very very creepy stalker named Helga. (They do have a kid named Phineas, but he still doesn't make the cut.)

Below is the opening to Hey Arnold for those who are interested

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  1. I also don't remember the last time I saw this cartoon. Thanks to you for bringing back those days by sharing this video.
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