Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Movie Opening Idea

One of the coolest but simplistic film openings I have seen in awhile is that of Blue Valentine. After seeing the movie in its entirety I like the title sequence even more. By using still images the film makers capture the couple as they fall in and out of love before the movie even begins.

For my project I am pretty sure I am reworking the title sequence to "Casablanca." Since it is an old black and white film the graphics are extremely simple and outdated. Unfortunately embedding is disabled but here's the link to the original Casablanca opening (won't allow me to link it):


I'm not sure exactly how yet but I want to make the opening sequence incorporate all the different aspects that this movie has to offer. It has romance, heart break, deceit, suspense, violence and many other timeless motifs. One thing is for sure, I am going to be extremely busy this break gathering clips and brainstorming ideas for my workflow.

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