Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Alice in Wonderland

Although it didn't do so hot in the box office or with reviews, Alice in Wonderland was amazing in terms of animation and visual effects. Using green screen, the entire movie was shot in a Los Angeles sound stage. Ken Ralston was the mastermind behind the entire movie, putting CGI with things such as Nerf balls, rubber rabbits, stilts, trick bow ties, and green leotards to make the audience really believe they are in an actual wonderland. In most movies, the costumes are real, but in this movie most of the costumes were even added in later on.

A great example of all of this put together is in the tea party scene where Alice meets the Mad Hatter.

In order to construct this scene, the only thing actually present were the table, chairs, and actor Johnny Depp. Where the other characters are supposed to be (such as the March Hare, Cheshire Cate, and the Dormouse), voice talent is placed in all green at the exact spot where the film makers wanted voices to come from.

The video below gives an even greater look at to how the world of Wonderland was created.

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