Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Simple Signature

As I begin my search for an internship for next semester, I started to think about small production companies and the production of commercials. This made me start to think about visual effects that we see everyday on television. Immediately I thought of the Orbit gum commercials and their signature "tooth sparkle" (for lack of a better description). Without discussing these commercials any further, I'm sure a large majority of people know exactly what I'm talking about. Orbit has turned this effect into a signature Orbit animation.This is a very simple effect that can be created even without After Effects. By simply making a shape in Photoshop, then giving it a simple motion effect in Final Cut Pro, you can make the same effect without extra software.

I wanted to point out how such a small detail can make a huge difference. Because the world of After Effects is new to me, I find myself testing out the bold, huge, flashy effects. While these types of effects have their time and place, it's important to not forget how small details can have a major impact.

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