Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art of Film Title Design

What makes you able to recognize a movie or TV series right from the start? The title sequence/opening. Opening sequences have the ability to set the viewers expectations and set a tone as viewers immediately begin judging a work as soon as the title sequence is displayed. I have seen openings before that have completely turned me away from viewing the rest of the work. This website gives a pretty good overview of how title sequence design has changed through the decades.

The site brings up the ultimate importance of a well designed title sequence during the times of silent films. These original titles were developed through the use of white lettering over a black background. Along with the title came other slides with text to help viewers understand what is going on within the piece.
Title sequences sure have come a far way since than. The use of multiple programs and a team of professionals to create what makes it to the screen today. The website includes great examples of different opening title sequences. For my first project I will be recreating the Brady Bunch opening sequence. I plan on using previous video projects for the source material for this project.

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