Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Since it's the middle of fall and almost Halloween, I decided to redo the opening for the horror film, Halloween. The original opening credits for the film is very simple, mainly because the film was very low budget. Here is the original opening credits:

The opening to the film is just about the only effect they use because of the strict budget. I've decided to give the opening a little extra kick. I want to keep the theme of simplicity because i believe it works for the film so i decided i'm going to used a variety of photos and videos. I want to stay away from crazy modern effects because the film isn't modern. it's a classic and it should keep that look.

the shots I'm collecting include videos and pictures of jack-o-lanterns, gravestones, autumn leaves, fog, and peoples' Halloween decorations. I'll also incorporate blood into many of these shots. I want to use the same music because i believe the score of the film is so amazingly well done that it can't be replaced. I've been researching eerie-type effects online and hopefully this comes out how i picture it in my head.

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