Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stock Footage Resources

So I was looking around for sites that had free downloadable stock footage for the final project, and I came across this blog post that compiled a bunch of different sites that have different kinds of stock footage. While a lot of the sites this guy mentions sells their footage, there are a few on there (like Umesh and Stock Footage for Free) that have free downloads. Others send you free downloads occasionally if you register with them, which is pretty cool- so if you think you're going to need to buy stock footage in the future, I would go with one of the sites that sends weekly/monthly free clips to its users.
If you're willing to look through Umesh's blog, I think that could be your best bet (along with Stock Footage for Free and Internet Archives) if you want free stuff. I'm going to keep looking for other stock footage sites because I don't know quite yet what I need. I'm thinking about doing opening titles for Phantom of the Opera (the 2004 version), because they don't really have anything else other than the title appear before they go straight into the film.
Hope some of the links on the post help!


  1. Hi Rebecca, you can also check out The Stock Footage Company, where you'll find thousands of high quality stock footage for very low prices of for free.

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