Sunday, October 30, 2011

Normandy Omaha Beach Scene

Never having a brother, I was forced to take over the role of surrogate son for my dad on many occasions, such as watching or playing sports with him, or mowing the lawn. Another thing I often did with my dad was watch war movies that my mom often refused to partake in watching. War movies have always fascinated me, but today I am fascinated with them in a completely different way. Today what fascinates me is the way war scenes are constructed and shot. Many war scenes seem so intricate and filled with detail that it would take weeks for one scene to be shot. One of the best war scenes of all time is the opening scene of the movie Saving Private Ryan, the Normandy Omaha Beach Landing. Out of the film's $65 million budget, $12 million was spent on filming the opening scene alone. The scene took 15 days to film and 11 weeks in post production to achieve such a realistic replica of the Normandy Beach scene.

The following video is a behind the scenes look at a recreation of the Omaha Beach Landing scene in the movie Saving Private Ryan. Obviously, this team did not have the budget that the feature film did, but it still looks pretty good and only took four days to shoot (but I assume it took a lot longer to put it together in post).

While not exactly like the $12 million version, it still looks pretty good for the limited resources used on it! It just goes to show what animation can really do.

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