Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great Website to Look at Openings and Kyle Cooper

"Forget the Film, Watch the Titles!" is a wonderful website to view a multitude of great title sequences and ending credits. The site is a great reference to each movies opening sequence providing the opening for viewing and also stills of the title sequence. Many of the films have very detailed storytelling of how something was conceptualized and interesting facts about the production process. This makes for an easy read and the ability to learn more knowledge about your film's title sequence. For example Rango's section provides some of the original sketches of characters and also information from an interview with the films prologue's creative director, Henry Hobson. An interesting bit of information I found was that Rango's end credit sequence and title sequence were created in just a few weeks. If I were to guess a length of time for a blockbusters opening and credits I would have thought it maybe would have taken months.
The website also had a link to an interview with Kyle Cooper which I embedded below. If you need inspiration for idea if you are creating your own title sequence I believe it is worth watching this interview. Kyle's idea to look at objects on a microscopic level and his drive to study things such as bones, skin, and various other objects allows him unlimited content to continually produce original looking title sequences. He proves that you can take any interest and use it to provide some kind of source material. His drive to find hand made objects to create more complex effects has challenged me to do the same. Over fall break I look forward to capturing different source material using smoke, that I may be able to use in future projects.

Kyle Cooper interview (1/2) - Watch the Titles from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

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